"we build marketing partnerships,
we're not just another agency"

Cass Theodore, Director.

At our agency, we redefine the way marketing works by integrating ourselves as an invaluable extension of your team. Unlike conventional marketing agencies, our approach isn’t just about providing services – it’s about building a collaborative partnership.

We take pride in maintaining a deliberately exclusive number of retainer clients, allowing us to cultivate relationships that are deeply aligned with the goals and values of both parties. 

This approach ensures that every strategy we craft and every campaign we execute is rooted in a mutual understanding that translates into exceptional results. By seamlessly becoming a part of your team, we create an environment of shared success, where our efforts merge with your vision to drive growth and prosperity.

our story

Our story is a wholesome one, woman, experienced marketer and mother decides to build a business that breaks the mould on marketing agencies. We don’t like to call ourselves a marketing agency here because we never want to fit into that box, or label our clients as another number. We are a partnering brand, experts in our zone of genius. An extension of your team.

That Mrkg has a mission to lead every business we partner with to be more strategic than they have ever been. To look at their marketing activities through a new lens and with the clearest perspective, direction and foresight.

Our partnership allows brands to build a strategic blueprint for their business to implement in-house or through our service management program in the areas of social ads, email marketing or consulting. We partner with other trusted businesses to ensure a holistic marketing approach can be met.